Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sample Class News Post

One of your required posts will be one on class news. This could be an article on a class field trip, on a guest speaker, an assembly, an activity, or event. To give you a basic idea, I will show you an example of a class news article.

A Visitor from Space

Last week, our class had the pleasure of meeting a real-life astronaut, Mr. James Jamison. Mr. Jamison visited Room 5 on Tuesday to tell us all about his experiences working for NASA. During his visit, students got to hear about a wide range of topics, including his trips into outer space, his views on the possibility of alien life, and his advice to students who want to study aeronautics and space travel.

Mr. Jamison has always had his eyes on the stars, so to speak. He is originally from Florida and his earliest dream was to visit Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. As a child, he began by building rockets in his backyard. He studied as much science as he could and won several prizes in local science fairs. Due to his talent for science, he won a scholarship  and went on to study aeronautics in college. He took that experience with him to NASA, where he had the opportunity to go up into space multiple times. 

According to Mr. Jamison, the hardest thing to get used to in space is the lack of gravity. "I think it's like what they call 'getting your sea legs' when you're a sailor," he commented. "But once you've got it, it'll come back to you every time."

Along with his stories about space, Mr. Jamison also brought several interesting objects for the class to study, including a genuine moon rock, a replica of his space shuttle, and photographs from his trips. He also modeled a new app for our class that allows you to make a simulated trip to other planets.

After Mr. Jamison's visit, many students were enthusiastic about one day studying aeronautics themselves. "I think we have a responsibility to explore outer space," said Michael Mayberry. "It helps us understand so much about our own planet as well as others."

We know we speak for all of Room 5 when we say, thank you, Mr. Jamison. Your visit was one to remember!

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